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We help our clients navigate through life’s crossroads. Whether personal, family or business legal matters, we develop innovative solutions that help our clients turn challenges into opportunities.

We listen first, then collaborate as trusted advisors to develop a personalized strategy, rather than pulling a ready-made plan off the shelf or overcomplicating the process. This approach is strengthened by a dedicated team of lawyers committed to finding appropriate solutions.

Our focus is on people.

We are personally invested in every client because we understand our work impacts lives. Let us help you navigate through life’s crossroads by contacting one of our attorneys.

Our Viewpoint

  • We are privileged to help our clients with issues ranging from routine corporate matters to complex business transactions.

    William J. Bryant
    Bill Bryant
  • The healthcare field is always exciting but there is a Chinese curse that says ‘May you live in interesting times’. Our goal is to help our healthcare clients navigate through these interesting times.

    Susan Dominick Doughton
    Susan Dominick Doughton
  • We have the capability to understand the whole continuum of law and figure out what you need.

    Brian T. Williams
    Brian Williams
  • Our mission with estate planning is to help clients define and accomplish their desires and objectives for the transfer of their wealth, doing so effectively and efficiently.

    Dale B. Stone
    Dale Stone
  • Our own community involvement helps us gain important practical insights into the futures of charities enabling us to better help clients accomplish their philanthropic goals.

    Gregory D. Hyde
    Greg Hyde
  • The tax laws are ever changing. Whether it is the new laws on 1031 Exchanges or “Opportunity Zones” we can help guide you and your business to the most appropriate and beneficial solutions.

    Anthony C. Willoughby
    Tony Willoughby
  • We have a litigation team with over 175 years’ experience handling trust and estate practice issues. Our lawyers can offer a solution to the most complex will contests and other estate and trust disputes.

    Ashley L. Neese
    Ashley Neese
  • Major Life Changes can disrupt our lives at any time – whether this is the loss of a loved one or a change in marital status. Our team can help you navigate through these stressful issues.

    Denise J. Pomeroy
    Denise Pomeroy

Our Focus is On People

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