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Louis B. (L.B.) Feld passed away on February 15, 2021, in Charleston, South Carolina. L.B. was 73 years old. He is survived by a loving family, including his wife, Lorraine (Lorie), daughter, Gerri Mazer (Glenn), stepchildren, Tammy Connor and Scott Kubiszyn, step-grandchildren Charlotte and Sam Connor, and brother, Monty Feld (Margaret).

L.B. graduated from The University of Alabama and from The University of Alabama School of Law, where he graduated first in his class. He also obtained the Master of Laws (in Taxation) degree from New York University, where he served on the board of the Tax Law Review.

After earning his degree from NYU, L.B. went to work in private practice in Birmingham, specializing in general taxation with a focus on estate planning. L.B. played a huge role in elevating estate planners in Alabama from “scriveners” (Will writers) to specialists who offered sophisticated tax savings techniques, planning for the transition and protection of family assets, and business succession planning for closely held businesses. Such planning not only saved taxes, but more importantly helped clients anticipate and navigate difficult family and business issues.

L.B. was also a visionary. In 1993, he founded Feld & Hyde a “boutique” law firm, specializing in tax law and estate planning, well before the term “boutique law firm” was in use. The firm grew to become the largest private practice group of tax specialists in Alabama at the time.

In addition to practicing law, L.B. taught (estate and gift taxation) at The University of Alabama School of Law for over 25 years. L.B. was also a frequent speaker on estate planning, estate and gift taxation and business succession planning. In recognition of his efforts, L.B. was named an outstanding alumnus by The University of Alabama School of Law and instructor to Continuing Legal Education by The Alabama State Bar.

Although he founded Feld & Hyde and was the senior partner at Dominick Feld Hyde (which was formed in 2011 after the merger of Feld & Hyde and Dominick, Fletcher), L.B. never sought an elevated title or position. Instead he was our social chairman. L.B. organized and led participation in March Madness, but the college football season was the highlight for all of us. L.B.’s “game boards” guaranteed that almost every participant would win one of his prized turkeys, smoked personally, of course, by him. He also played host and bon vivant at every firm social occasion.

Everyone at Dominick Feld Hyde hated to see L.B. retire and move to South Carolina in 2016, but we know how much he cherished his time with family there. We now mourn his passing, but are thankful we were able to have such an extraordinary individual as part of our lives.

Gregory D. Hyde

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