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Jefferson County Special Senior Property Tax Exemption for Jefferson County

In November an amendment related to property tax assessments in Jefferson County was approved. This amendment provides for a “Special Senior Property Tax Exemption”. The exemption will allow property owners to freeze their property tax amount to the assessed value from the year previous to making the exemption.  The deadline for making this exemption is April 30, 2023.

To claim the exemption, the person must be age 65 or older, and the property must meet the following criteria:

* Real property owned by this person

* Classified as a single-family, owner-occupied residence

* Used as the principal place of residence of this person for at least 5 years prior to claiming

The “exemption” would remain in effect as long as the person continues to use the property as his or her principal place of residence. This “exemption” would not prevent the person from claiming or continuing to claim a homestead exemption or any other exemption available by law. If there are any additions to the property after this “exemption” is claimed, the increase in assessed value due to each addition will be added to the frozen assessment amount. This new total assessed value will be the amount frozen for each successive year unless another addition is made or the property is no longer eligible for this “exemption.”  The property owner can also refreeze the amount if the assessed value of the property is lowered.

This exemption is in addition to any other exemptions that are applicable to property owners age 65 and older.

Also please note that this exemption is only applicable to property taxes in Jefferson County.

You can find the link exemption form and some FAQs here:


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