Announcing the retirement of Louis B. Feld

Dominick Feld Hyde recently celebrated the retirement of one of our founding partners, Louis B. Feld. After 40+ years of hard work and dedication to the practice of law and 30 years of serving as an adjunct professor of law at The University of Alabama School of Law, L. B. will begin to wind down his law practice with a plan to be completely retired by the end of 2016. L. B.’s partners, Bill Bryant, Greg Hyde, Doug McWhorter, Vincent Schilleci, Judy Shepura, Dale Stone, Kay Wilburn, and Brian Williams, as well as Kevin Webb and Lance Webster will remain available for all legal needs in practice areas of estate planning, administration of wills and trusts, and probate and estates for individuals and their closely held businesses, which were L. B.’s passionate focus during his lengthy career. As a whole, the Dominick Feld Hyde firm provides legal services in many areas that benefit our clients outside of L.B.’s specific practice areas. The firm also has attorneys who focus intensely on matters for our clients involving tax law, family law, elder law, healthcare law and business law and transactions. You can review all of our practice areas in more detail here. In addition, L. B.'s legal assistant of 22 years, Donna Frey, will continue to be available to answer any questions that arise or to arrange for you to speak with an attorney who can best meet the needs of you, your family, and your business. She can be reached at 205-397-3732 or

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