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Dominick Feld Hyde's practice areas have grown and now comprise nine main broad categories: Tax Law, Estate Planning, Estate and Trust Administration, Hospital and Healthcare, Business Transactions, Non-Profit Organizations, Family Law, Litigation and Real Estate.  Within these areas, our attorneys have experience in a wide range of specialized legal services.

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Dale Stone was recently appointed to the National Board of Regents of The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC).   Dale is the immediate past Alabama State chair of ACTEC, a national organization of approximately 2,600 lawyers elected to membership by demonstrating the highest level of integrity, commitment to the profession, competence and experience as trust and estate counselors.  Its members work to teach those who aspire to enter the field, to improve and reform laws, procedures, and standards, and to promote professional responsibility among their peers and other professional organizations in the fields of trust, estate, and tax law.


Best Lawyers in America® recently published its inaugural "Women in the Law" Business Edition.   Dominick Feld Hyde would like to congratulate each of our "Women" shareholders for being included in one or more areas of expertise.  Best Lawyers in America® is one of the most highly regarded referral publications in the legal profession.

Susan Dominick Doughton – Health Care Law
Sammye Oden Kok – Family Law and Family Law Mediation
Denise J. Pomeroy – Family Law
Judy Shepura– Trusts and Estates
Kay O. Wilburn - Tax Law and Trusts and Estates



Judy Shepura will be presenting at the 6th annual Probate and Estate Planning Conference.   Ms. Shepura's presentation will focus on issues connected to Powers of Attorney in Alabama.


Charitable IRA rollover offers significant benefits

At the end of last year, Congress reinstated — and made permanent — qualified charitable distributions from IRAs, also known as charitable IRA rollovers. For those age 70½ or older and who plan to make charitable donations this year, a charitable rollover can provide significant tax benefits. This article details the benefits of a rollover and its requirements. A sidebar explains how the rollover may satisfy one’s required minimum distributions for the year.

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Do not overlook tax apportionment when planning your estate
If one expects his or her estate to have a significant estate tax liability at death, he or she should pay attention to the tax apportionment clause in a will or revocable trust. An apportionment clause specifies how the estate tax burden will be allocated among beneficiaries. Omission of this clause, or failure to word it carefully, may result in unintended consequences. This article explains how an apportionment clause works and the pitfalls if it is omitted.

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Training day:  Reimbursing employee's education expenses
Area colleges and trade schools often provide a great source of education in professional development. Companies that reimburse employees for their education expenses (and employees who receive such reimbursements) may be able to reap valuable tax savings. This article explains the two primary options for doing so and notes the value of training in employee hiring and retention.

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