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What sets us apart is Dominick Feld Hyde’s innate culture of serving people. We are problem solvers for our clients; if our job is done right, we improve their lives. Everything we do is thoughtfully designed to benefit our clients.

Because each of our attorneys is experienced in specific practice areas, our clients have access to a holistic suite of legal solutions built for individuals and privately-owned businesses. The best attorneys admit they do not know everything and we welcome collaboration with our clients’ other advisors.

This joint approach prioritizes our clients’ needs – working together on the best strategy, communicating with their trusted team of existing consultants and providing comprehensive legal services in one location.

We’ve been serving the Birmingham community since 1943.

Dominick Feld Hyde, P.C. traces its roots to two well-respected Birmingham professional service firms.

Originally Dominick, Fletcher, Yeilding, Wood & Lloyd, P.A., the firm concentrated on the practice areas of charitable organizations, healthcare, estate planning, probate, business transactions, family law and commercial real estate.

Feld Hyde, P.C. was founded on the shared vision of estate planning and tax, quickly becoming Birmingham’s preferred “tax boutique” due to most of its attorneys holding a Master of Laws in Taxation degree.

In 2011 the firms merged, combining their strengths of tax support with comprehensive personal and business counsel. Today, Dominick Feld Hyde remains an agile firm with the ability to handle simple or complex legal matters.  Our team’s high ratio of attorneys with Master of Law in Taxation degrees is balanced by a collaborative, people-centric approach.

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