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Probate & Trust Disputes

Probate and Trust Disputes

Disputes often arise between a beneficiary or beneficiaries of an estate or trust and the executor(s) of the estate or the trustee(s) of the trust. There may be disputes about property being divided in an estate, or concerns about how assets are being handled inside a trust.  The attorneys at Dominick Feld Hyde have broad experience litigating these complex issues on behalf of individuals, beneficiaries, trustees and personal representatives, and have in-depth resources from attorneys who routinely draft documents and advise families in estate planning. Having a large number of attorneys holding Master of Laws in Taxation degrees allows us to evaluate and advise our clients with respect to the potential tax issues (and opportunities) associated with such disputes.  We are also sensitive to the damage to families that such disputes can cause and strive where possible to resolve such disputes in a way that restores family harmony and relations. This combination of experience know-how and sensitivity ensures our clients receive the best possible outcome.