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Title Insurance is a special form of insurance that protects the interest of the property owner and lender from issues that arise affecting the title to the property.

Purchasing a title insurance policy insures the title to the real estate property. A title policy is designed to protect clients in several ways, including the following:


• The policy provides payment for loss arising from hidden defects not discovered in the course of the title examination or recording of the deed of trust.

• The policy provides payment for legal expenses necessitated to clear title defects.

• A title policy assures clear title for a subsequent sale.


We can provide our clients basic title insurance policy coverage for lenders and owners, as well as extended coverage options. An extended coverage policy is one that offers a range of additional protections beyond basic coverage, such as protection against certain encroachments, forgery or fraud found after title insurance is issued, a previous owner’s building permit violations, errors in subdivision plat maps, and a previous owner’s covenant violations.