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Executive Compensation & Employee Benefits

Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits

Executive Compensation Planning. The proper executive compensation strategy is critical to attracting and retaining a team of leaders for your company, which can be a very difficult proposition. Ensuring that they are incentivized not only to stay with you for the long haul but also to aggressively work to grow your bottom line is crucial. Our vast experience in this area helps us work with you to design, draft, implement and monitor just such plans:

  • Supplemental Executive Compensation Plan (SERP)
  • Incentive Stock Options (ISO)
  • Phantom Stock Plans
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)
  • Executive Bonus Planning

Employee Benefit Planning. Creating an Employee benefit plan that is cost-effective and regulatory compliant can be difficult for business owners focused on the everyday challenges of running their business, but our team at Dominick Feld Hyde is committed to helping you find a plan that takes care of the needs of both you and your employees, so you can focus on taking care of the needs of your growing business. We will work with your consultants to find efficient ways to approach employee benefits such as:

  • Health Benefit Plans
  • 401(k) and defined contribution plans
  • Pension plans
  • Multiemployer plans

Not only do we assist our clients in finding the plan that is the best match for them, but we also pride ourselves in our ability to resolve issues with pre-existing plans due to difficulties with compliance, rulings on disputed questions or litigation involving employee pension or welfare benefit plans.