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Federal, State & Local Tax Planning

Federal, State and Local Tax Planning

With more than a dozen lawyers with advanced tax degrees, we can help with your tax planning. From determining the best type of entity at the start of your business to developing the most efficient exit strategy at retirement, Dominick Feld Hyde is equipped to ensure you and your business receive the most appropriate tax treatment. Our services include: 

  • Corporate Structure
    • Analyzing choice of entity for maximum tax savings
    • Determining and managing tax consequences due to changes in your business’ structure, such as stock acquisitions, mergers or buyouts
    • Effectuating dissolutions and liquidations
  • Retirement Planning and Executive Compensation
    • Assisting with planning the day to day financials of your retirement
    • Designing executive compensation programs to structure tax efficient delivery of benefits to retain and attract executives and owners
    • Implementing the proper retirement strategies to maximize tax deferrals
  • Federal, state and local sales tax analysis
  • Opportunity Zones Planning
  • Like Kind Exchanges
  • Tax Credit Planning
  • Conservation Easements
  • Tax Controversies Resolution
    • Communicating with the IRS or State Department of Revenue
    • Negotiating offers and abatements to mitigate tax burden
    • Navigating audits