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Elder Law

Planning for Old Age

 As we age, we are faced with new decisions. Here are a few such choices to be made:

  • Determining the best time to begin receiving Social Security retirement benefits and how to coordinate them with IRA’s, pensions and 401(k) plans
  • Purchasing Medicare or one of the options related to Medicare
  • Taking care of ourselves in old age, whether by paying privately (as we have up to that point), using reverse mortgage, through long term health insurance, or through government benefits, or a combination of these
  • Hiring caregivers in order to remain at home
  • Downsizing from the family home in order to move to a smaller home or to an apartment, assisted living or nursing home
  • Completing medical forms, admission agreements and other documents related to moving into residential facilities

Our attorneys have experience with these matters. Many of us have also had to walk through them related to our own relatives and can appreciate how difficult these decisions can be.